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Curated by Amila for Altered Soul Experiment.
Selected and Compiled by Lauren Hansom, Amsterdam 2019.
Artwork and Layout by Maison CC. Photography by Silvia Conde. Words by Baptiste Girou

Released : March 19th 2019

Next to grace the ever soul and funk-oozing reels of Altered Soul Experiment, Australian-born Amsterdam-based DJ Lauren Hansom clocks in on Amila's imprint following a noteworthy appearance on his NTS show last year, plus a stream of top-shelf contributions to the waves of Red Light Radio. Taking good care of ASE's twelfth number, Lauren delivers an hour and a half-long sonic odyssey that spans across graceful downtempo reliefs and languid art-rock curves, meditative exotica and enticing synth-pop terrains. True to her sense of subtle liaison and non-formulaic offbeat dynamism that have become trademarks of her sets, Hansom confirms her unique status as one of the most respected and steadily impressive voices in our world’s new wave of vinyl-slinging selectors.

Flowing through the multiple aesthetic veins she keeps delving in with equal poise and panache, life itself speaks out - and the many changes that accompanied her change of landscape, from Sydney to Amsterdam - "moving home, people leaving, new people, adventures, uncertainty, surprise", et al. Imagine staring at the slo-scudding clouds and the abstract drawings of long-haul planes' vapour trails listening to this, trying to map the distance that cuts trajectories apart and joins seemingly splitting lanes together again. "It is the journey of life and my life as it seems; it is through music and through this tape that I can share with you some of those moments that have gone by. I hope with this, you can step into my mind, my world and take the journey with me."